The Rebirth of the Hippie means that it’s OK to start over and do things right at any time.

Recycle - Relive - Restore  - Self Help - Realignment

Reality Enforcement Technology - its OK that  you're OK so let’s build a better world.
Start today. Start tomorrow. Just start!

It's the Rebirth of (Principle, Purpose & Pride) YOU!

Normal Bean, Universal Love Family, 5/31/19


What would you like to do to show the World that Hippies are here to stay?

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What Is Your Muse?

We'll not only be featuring many Musical Acts during the 50th Anniversary Woodstock Tour, at many different venues throughout 2019, but also many Visual Artists will be showing their work and even working live!

Will You Join Us?

We're planning an Epic 50th Anniversary Woodstock Tour to celebrate Hippies and The Peaceful Spirit Of Woodstock!